But I already have a website.
We make websites mobile friendly.
In today’s rapid changing world, consumers have become much more tech savvy and the business that responds to that reality will be more likely to survive or even thrive.

No place is this more evident that in the revolution that has taken place in the last few years since Apple announced the iPhone soon follow by an avalanche of smartphones running both AppleOS and Google’s Android system. These new super portable devices have radically changed how customers are searching the internet for information about services and products. When you consider the fact that now more than 50% of all internet searches are made on a mobile device and the fact that smartphones are expected to penetrate to >70% of the market then the importance of having a mobile friendly website becomes very clear.

Customers are expecting an app like experience when they search for information from a business. If you site is not mobilized then the customer has to search around using scrolling to find what they are looking for which makes the site difficult to use. 

A mobile site is not like a regular site. Simplicity and ease of use rules- not how pretty the site is. Customers what ease of use, simplicity and functionality and the more a site looks like the apps they are becoming so familiar with, the better their experience will be and the easier it is to get them to respond to a call to action.

If you want to get some idea of how popular apps are consider this: on Christmas day 2011 over 250 million apps were downloaded. Give us a call and we can show you how Opt2mobile can get you a mobile presence quickly, painlessly and affordably. 

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